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Different Colored Eyes – A Striking Abnormality

30 May

Kate Bosworth – One Hazel Eye, One Blue EyeHave you ever seen someone with two different colored eyes? Although it is considered an abnormality (officially called heterochromia irides), it can be a strikingly beautiful mistake. Cause by one of several factors including faulty pigmenting during development, an in utero trauma or a harmless genetic mismatch. If the change happens in adulthood, it could also be caused by a medical condition such as disease, a reaction to medication or an injury.

This condition of having different levels of melanin in the irises is somewhat rare in humans; let’s just say it isn’t something you see everyday. There are a handful of celebrities with different eye colors including prolific songwriter Jerry Leiber (who wrote a bunch of songs for Elvis), musician David Bowie, actors Dan Aykroyd and Christopher Walker and actresses Kate Bosworth and Jane Seymour.

Most people afflicted by this condition embrace their unusual facial features, while others prefer to wear one colored contact lens to match their favored color. There are many tints and styles of colored contacts that will make shade matching a breeze. On the other hand, if you have same-colored eyes and are trying to achieve this exotic image, wearing colored contacts will also be a safe and easy solution.